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Welcome to Hanover Holidays Florida Vacations. Our goal is to get you to and from Florida as safely and comfortably as possible. We encourage you to walk around as much as possible during stops and to drink plenty of fluids. Laugh, relax, enjoy the music or movies and visit with your travel companions. In order to ensure fair and orderly disembarkation at each stop, your tour driver will advise which side of the coach will exit first, “Driver side” or “Door side”. This will ensure a quick and fair exiting of the motor coach. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



Enclosed in your Tour Documents you will find a Tour Membership Ticket. This ticket shows the time and place where you are to join the tour. Please be on time. Please note Hanover Holidays has no pre arranged parking arrangements at departure points. Should you experience a delay in reaching your joining point, please call 1-800-265-5530. This number is available 24 hours a day. If calling after hours, please press Option #1 to speak to the person on call. You could be picked up at your pick up point by the motor coach, courtesy van or taxi. Please be on the look-out for such. While all of the pick-up times are based on our 41 years of experience, weather, traffic and road conditions could potentially cause a delay. Please be patient and call the office if your transportation is more than 10 minutes late.



Pleased be advised, effective June 1, 2009, Canadian citizens must present a valid passport for travel into the United States. Trusted traveler program cards, such as NEXUS, will continue to be accepted for cross border travel. Citizens from other countries, please verify requirements prior to departure.

Please do not pack your proof of citizenship in your suitcase. It should be kept on your person so that it is easily accessible when required to be shown to immigration officials at the border. Please note a valid Permanent Resident (PR) is required to return to Canada for all landed immigrants.


**We have been advised that travel documents for tours crossing the border will be checked more thoroughly. Please be prepared for possible delays at Border Crossings.



Your personal identification documentation is very valuable. May we suggest you may wish to copy your identification and leave with family at home or carry separately with you while on tour. Should this information become lost or stolen, it may assist in obtaining replacements.



Hanover Holidays Florida representatives will be available daily to answer any questions or deal with any issues that may arise. During your stay, they will be in contact with you regarding different planned excursions and activities. Please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions during your stay. Please note unit numbers are confirmed but subject to change should an owner recall their condo or a deficiency be found on final inspection.



When Hanover Holidays receives a special request from your travel agent, such as a request for non-smoking rooms or lower floor rooms, we will gladly pass these requests on to all of the hotels involved. Please refer to the Tour Membership Ticket enclosed to make sure that we have correctly received your requests from your travel agent. However, due to limited availability of these types of rooms, not all requests of this nature can be met by the hotels. If a medical condition exists which makes it imperative that you have a special type of room please make sure that your travel agent has made us aware of this condition and we will ask the hotels to give your request special consideration.



Motor coaches have only a very limited amount of cargo space. Maximum baggage allowance on motor coach tours is one large suitcase per person, with a weight limit of 50 lbs. However, for our Florida Longstay program customers who are in Florida for 4 weeks or longer, we allow them to have an additional suitcase, 50 lbs or less, at no additional charge. As well, every customer is allowed one carry on piece, in addition to purses & jackets. For the return trip from Florida, ALL passengers will be allowed two pieces of carry on luggage, in addition to their large suitcase allowance. All hand luggage must be carried personally aboard the motor coach. Should you choose to exceed these allowances, and based on past experience, we have to charge an additional price of $5.00 for every bag weighing 50lbs or less. Should a package you wish to transport home weigh in excess of 50lbs, we must charge $5.00 for the first 50 lbs plus $1.00 for every 10 lbs additional. Although the Coach Driver supervises the transfer of luggage to and from the motor coach and every effort is made to handle all luggage as carefully as possible, Hanover Holiday Tours Limited cannot assume liability for loss, theft or damage due to breakage, fire, water, etc.

Please note your confirmed coach seat number is found on the back side of the Hanover Holidays Luggage tag, along with your unit #.

Please note your baggage may be searched as we cross Canadian/American border. To save time, we suggest on these days you do no lock your baggage. Carry jewelry, money, important documents, spare medication, glasses or contact lenses in your hand luggage. If you are taking cameras or other expensive equipment out of Canada, be sure to have the serial numbers registered with Canada Customs. Every effort is taken to ensure that your luggage is handled with extreme care by the motor coach driver and transfers drivers. However, we recommend that you purchase baggage insurance as we cannot accept responsibility for any damage which may occur.


BAGGAGE enroute to and from Florida

Please note you will need to pack an overnight case, which will be personally carried by yourself, for the overnight stop going and coming from Florida. There will be no luggage service of the large suitcases at this hotel. Please ensure all required medications, toiletries are packed into your personally carried case.



Due to the wide acceptance of credit cards, debit cards and travellers cheques, it is unwise and unnecessary to travel with large amounts of cash on your person while travelling. Please remember to keep PIN numbers and cards secure.



Seats were assigned at booking. Please refer to the back o f your luggage tag for seat number or see your coach driver for assistance.



When travelling outside the province of your residence, please make sure you have taken out an Accident/Sickness Insurance Policy to cover you over and above your provincial health plan. If you have purchased medical protection, either from Hanover Holiday Tours or your Travel Agent, be sure to call the 24 hour travel assistance line within the time specified on your policy should you need medical assistance. Failure to contact the assistance provider may result in the compensation being declined or substantially reduced. If you wish, please ask your tour director for assistance.



For the comfort of all our passengers we do not allow smoking on our motor coach. Passengers should also be advised that due to transportation laws, there is absolutely no consumption of alcoholic beverages on board the motor coach. As many people suffer from a growing list of allergies, some who suffer very severely, we are asking all of our clients to refrain from using items that may affect a person with allergies.   This includes perfume, cologne, peanuts, etc.   We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable holiday.



Enclosed in your tour documents is a passenger statistical sheet which we would like you to complete and give to our representative on arrival into Florida. This information may be crucial in a medical emergency.



Please be sure to advise your family or friends of the following contact numbers in case of an emergency.



Name Of Hotel













Feb 13

Feb 14

Holiday Inn Express

111 Hillvale Road

Clinton, TN


(865) 457-2233

The Holiday Inn Express offers in-room coffee makers, hair dryers, iron and ironing boards, and guest laundry facilities, fitness center and indoor and outdoor pool.


Feb 14

Feb 28

Grand Panama

Unit #202

2 Bedroom unit

11800 Front Beach Rd.

Panama City Beach, FL


(850) 249-1244

The Grand Panama Resort offers an outdoor pool, two spa pools, outdoor grills,fitness center, balconies and fully equipped kitchens. 2 Bedroom units offer ocean front view and 1 bedroom units offer ocean views of the gulf of Mexico.


Feb 28

Mar 01

Baymont Inn & Suites

2075 Hwy 192

London, KY


(606) 877-1000

The Baymont Inn offers in-room coffee makers, hair dryers, iron & ironing boards, free high-speed wireless internet access, outdoor pool, and exercise room.



The most common question that is asked of us is in regards to an appropriate amount to “tip” to the Tour Driver. As common in the service industry, many clients choose to show their appreciation for a job well done or beyond expectation. General guidelines are about $3.00 per person per day. However, you should determine an amount that you feel comfortable with providing.



They work hard so you have fun every day! Jan is available for any questions or concerns during your entire time in Florida. If you had fun, then by all means, offer her a token of your appreciation!

We suggest you keep this as an individual activity between you and the staff member involved.



For Canadian Citizens 19 years of age or older, returning to Canada on this tour program, the following are the current allowances:

Permitted Goods $800.00, which may include 200 cigarettes (1 carton), 200 sticks Tobacco, 200 Grams loose Tobacco, 50 Cigars OR Cigarillos and 40oz (1.14L) bottle OR 24-12 oz can/bottle of beer or ale OR 1500 mls of Wine or Champagne per person.



Some members of the public have encountered problems at United States Border points in attempting to transport prescription and non-prescription medications into the United States. Customs officials have taken action under a current policy of "ZERO TOLERANCE" in an attempt to curb drug trafficking across the border. The following should be kept in mind:

1. Non-prescription drugs should be in the manufacturer's original package.

Quantities should be sufficient only for reasonable personal use.

2. Prescription medications should be carried in the original dispensing package, and not be mingled with one another or transferred to an unlabelled container

3. Persons with chronic conditions who require ongoing medications would be advised to carry with them a note from the practitioner which certifies the drug(s) being used.

4. Persons carrying needed medications may wish to volunteer this information when crossing the border.


Happy Travelling!

While we strive to provide accurate and timely information, there may be inadvertent technical/factual inaccuracies and typographical error on this website, please send us an email if you see one.